Today more than ever we need real proven leadership in Congress.



When we get people back to work we make citizens that are self reliant and able to provide and care for their families.



Every child is important and together we will make sure all of our children are receiving a quality education.



We must ensure the children of the 51st District are safe. Every citizen of the 51st District should feel safe.


I grew up in National City and over the years I have come to find the citizens of the 51st District to be proud, driven and hard-working Americans who don’t want handouts. I’ve observed a serious need for financial growth through greater job opportunities, absent of government assistance. Hard work and dedication are admirable characteristics and I believe it is not too much to ask of our congressional representatives, to do all they can to work diligently toward developing more job opportunities for the people of the 51st District.

In 2013 Juan Vargas, “The Wrong Juan” entered Congress and he publically stated that jobs was his number one priority. Today the unemployment rate in the 51st District is still 17.5%. By any reasonable standards it is clear that, “The Wrong Juan” has failed! If he has not done anything in almost six years to improve the jobless rate, then why give him two more years? We need to start right now to make sure that you and your children have meaningful employment available. This higher employment can and must be in the 51st Congressional District. It will help everyone: your children, your community, California, and the United States of America.

When we get people back to work we make citizens that are self reliant and able to provide and care for their families. We will always have a small minority of our society that needs some help, but that should be the exception and — not the norm. With unemployment at a staggering 17.5%, I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are as well, that the present administration is not operating in our best interest. The facts extend beyond here as well. Across the country the unemployment rate is at an all time low, especially among minorities. This is unacceptable and we need to begin moving toward a spirit of excellence in providing better employment opportunities. We will create more jobs for you and your children through free enterprise and a value for individual freedoms and a limited government.

Think about it like this . . . You own your own company and you hire a person that says they will do something about a specific problem. After one year, two years, five years this person has failed to solve the problem. Most people would have fired that person by now. Well, it is time to fire “The Wrong Juan,” (Juan VARGAS) and have “The Right Juan” Juan HIDALGO working for you, so that together we will make a more prosperous 51st District for our children.


Friends, education is paramount in today’s society and our children should be afforded an opportunity to acquire quality schooling, designed to propel them into a future where they can provide for themselves and their families. If we educate our children, they will have the tools necessary to achieve success and perform optimally in increasingly competitive markets. It is time that our children are offered the same academic opportunities that are provided North of Interstate-8 in San Diego. Why is it that Juan Vargas and other politicians appear to be content with children receiving an inferior education in economically disadvantaged and underdeveloped areas?

Every child is important and together we will make sure they are all able to benefit from a higher level of scholastic standards. Vargas and his cronies seem to be content with only 65% of our young people getting a high school education. Furthermore, they are okay with only 13% earning a college degree. I am not satisfied with either of these statistics and I don’t believe your children should be subject to them either. Together WE will facilitate elevated standards that will provide our youth with an education designed to keep them well equipped in this ever-changing world.

This place is where I was raised, and statistically speaking I was not supposed to be able to progress far enough to receive a college education. I am proud to say that I have earned two college degrees through hard work, perseverance, and leaning on great teachers and mentors. The incredible people of the 51st District influenced me the same way we need to influence the young students presently in our education system. I want to provide the same encouragement for them, that others used to push me into pursuing scholastic excellence and inspire me to eventually pay it forward. They say, “it takes a village”, I say the village needs a proven leader.

Choosing a career as a teacher is an honorable and admirable profession that not everyone is qualified for. I am sure that in every profession there are poor, fair, good, and outstanding performers. We must work toward retaining the best educators in our school systems and programs in order to ensure they have the appropriate impact on our children. Great teachers must be rewarded. The administration of our schools must be able to foster better relationships with parents to develop clear lines of support and collaboration, which will result in a more holistic education inside and out of the classrooms. With a greater focus on communication and positive change, we can facilitate a much higher quality education for the future leaders of the 51st District.


I have never met a good parent who didn’t want their family to be safe. I believe there is nothing more important to them than the safety and well being of their children. Recently there appears to be a greater need for us as citizens to take issues of public safety more heavily into consideration. We must ensure the children of the 51st District are safe. Every citizen should feel safe because this is their home.

I recently encountered an older woman who, during our conversation, asked me to stop and pray with her a moment. She was deeply concerned, especially considering the nefarious acts, which have lead to the unexpected loss of innocent American lives. We prayed, and then she went on to tell me that she did not feel safe in her own home after dark. This is no way for Americans to live! Children are afraid to go to school and parents are hesitant to let their children go to the park.

Again, this is no way for the people of the 51st District, California, or the United States of America to live. Together we will work toward ensuring your children, and grandchildren feel safe and supported. I want you all to feel certain that your homes, neighborhoods, schools and churches are safe. In order to make our citizens feel safe again we must have a strong National Defense and support the local authorities that are authorized to enforce the rule of law.


The Hidalgo Family is very involved with church and the community. Both Juan and Fran have spent many years serving on church and school boards. The entire family has spent many years working with Toys-for-Tots and feed the homeless ministries in San Diego. In order to have a better appreciate for our Country and to better Serve God he and his wife, Fran, have sent all three of their children on mission trips abroad. As a matter of fact one of the Hidalgo children is currently serving as a college student missionary. For the last seven years each summer the Hidalgos’ have opened their home to student missionaries. These student missionaries were working for Jesus at the same time their hard work helped with the cost of their education.