I grew up in National City.  Over the years, I’ve found the citizens of the 51st District to be proud, driven, hard-working Americans… people who don’t want a handout. 


Friends, a great education is paramount today… All our children must have quality schooling, designed for the future, so they can provide for themselves and their own families. 


I want all citizens of the 51st District to feel certain their homes, neighborhoods, schools, and churches are safe…and there’s nothing more important than the safety and well-being.

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Sergeant Major Juan M. Hidalgo Jr. is a retired Marine. Use of his military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from the Department of Defense or the United States Marine Corps.

After spending my entire adult life in service to our Country, many ask me now why I desire to be a Congressman.  They make comments like, “You have served our country well, why not enjoy your retirement and relax?”  The answer is really quite simple.  Critical times are facing our country and the American people need proven leaders that are willing to do the work to see our region and our citizens prosper.  I must serve, I have to serve . . . because it is what I have been trained to do. We need proven leaders that will put others before their own needs.  

In 2016 and 2018 we ran for this same Congressional District.  We came up short, but we met a lot of wonderful people throughout the District. We made a lot of good friends, have a lot more support and have the momentum to win in 2020.  Since 2016 I have remained heavily engaged in the District.  To me it is more than an election, it is about all the people who live and work in the District.  I have been asked to run for other seats, positions, and districts, which might have been easier to win.  However, I remain dedicated to the wonderful people of the 51st District.  This is where I grew up and these are the people I need to work for.  

I want to give back to the great community that I came from, the community that made me what I am.  Today more than ever we need real PROVEN leadership in Congress.  I have been to and visited with citizens in all parts of the District.  The citizens now know Juan Hidalgo, “The Right Juan.” And many more, than ever before, now support us.  

We must elect a congressman that has never and will never put another country or it’s citizens before America.  I have been all over the world and have worked with many foreign dignitaries. This is something that will be important as a congressman because I have not limited myself to working with my own but other cultures as well.  

I am not a politician and that is the last thing needed in Washington DC representing the 51st District. What I am, is a proven LEADER. This is exactly what we need now in Washington DC. I earnestly desire to diligently serve the hard working, family-oriented people of the 51st District!  I believe the Americans of the 51st District have a pride that is like none other.  I also believe TOGETHER we can make our country and the 51st District a better place.  

Most of all I want to see our country return back to her state of greatness. We must stop all the childish bickering and name-calling. It is time the 51st District has a Congressman that will rise up and again work for ALL the citizens of the 51st District, California, and the United States of America.  When you send me to DC you will be going with me.  I will be your voice I will fight for you, your children and your grandchildren.  I have served and fought for this great country of ours on foreign soil now I am here and ready to work for and fight for you in Washington DC.  


Join our team for a better, stronger 51st District, California, and United States of America.  We are stronger together!

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