Juan “Johnny” M. Hidalgo Jr. was born in San Diego and raised in National City.  After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served with distinction in both war and peace for over 31 years.  In his last assignment, he served as the Sergeant Major for the Joint Task Force of Guantanamo Bay (GTMO), Cuba.  Along with his military experience, he obtained two college degrees and completed the National Defense University Executive Leadership Course.

His sincere commitment to continued service to our country has led him to seek to be your Congressman.  As a devout family man and committed Christian, he now desires to apply his leadership skills to the challenges facing the families, individuals, and businesses of the 51st District.

His military career and education have more than adequately provided him the skills required to work for you. Tired of the unacceptable unemployment rate in the District? He will bring JOBS for everyone who is willing to work. Equally fed up with the fact that only 68% of our children are graduating high school? He will work to ensure your children and grandchildren have a quality EDUCATION. Tired of unsafe living conditions? He will work tirelessly to improve PUBLIC SAFETY.

He has adopted the motto, “Always Faithful,” to express his steadfast and proven commitment to all the constituents of California’s 51st Congressional District. He sincerely asks for your vote during the upcoming 2020 elections and promises to be your faithful representative.